WebGL 1 in webview

For a customer I need to open a website in a webview. This website uses a package that requires WebGL1. The site opens just fine in the bromite browser after activating WebGL. The problem is that with the webview I get an error message "This browser supports WebGL1 but it is deactivated or unavailable"

When I try the same webview app on a spare Elo Backpack 4 we have laying around it works perfectly. Is there a way to activate WebGL in the webview?


  • It also works with a PWA version of the website. Is it possible to have a bromite PWA in kiosk mode?

  • False alarm. The website renders but not interactions are possible due to missing webgl1 in the browser. webgl2 works in bromite but our clients website does not use webgl2.

    seems like it's not possible with Emteria to run webgl1 web applications

  • @Jeroen The weblauncher has only limited features enabled. It's always a trade-off between customers.
    You can write a small app which integrates a webview and enables the WebGL version you need and other features. Afterwards you can set the app in kiosk mode and autostart and it will behave very similarly to the weblauncher, but you have full control over the webview

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