tech support - your experience?

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Is this forum the only form of tech support that Emteria offers?
I'm still testing out the service. Can someone tell me if paying customers get access to a ticketed helpdesk? I am evaluating the Emteria platform for our digital signage business moving forward. So far their fleet management system has broken down (reset itself) with only one device in it and after 5 days, there has been no fix and no tech support response. This would be very bad in a commercial context.
Lastly, any paying customers here? what has your experience been like?


  • Hi @Terence
    The forum is the only support we offer for the free starter subscription and it's best effort. I try to check it every week, but sometimes it's not possible.
    Hiding the free workspaces by accident was admittingly embarrassing, but we've fixed it and nothing was reset or lost.

    For the flex plan there is email support, but if you need any special SLAs you need to reach out to and we tailor something that fits your needs.

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