Pi 4b stuck on splash screen

I have a Raspberry Pi 4b that I've been trying to install either Android 13 or 14 (at this point I don't care which) on. I can get to the splash screen and that's it.

I've tried multiple (new) SD cards as well as several I have sitting around. They all do the same thing. I've tried loading the SD card both with the Raspberry Pi Imager software (from Windows) and also the Emteria SD imager. Both result in the same thing. Stuck on splash screen. The monitor I'm using is a full size desktop monitor (I read where some were having issues with screen resolutions) and I tried it both through a KVM and direct from Pi to Monitor via HDMI.

The current SD card is a SanDisk ultra 128g card. I used the Emteria OS installer to install the Live release of Raspberry Pi 4b emteria OS v13.7.0
I have also tried 14.4.0 and 14.2.0, and I cannot make any of them work.

Any suggestions? Other things to troubleshoot?
Thanks in advance.

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