Pi 400 hardware keyboard won't work after update

I installed Emteria on a Raspberry Pi 400. The hardware keyboard and a USB-wired mouse were working when I started. I downloaded the latest updates, and now the hardware keyboard will not work. The pop-up virtual keyboard works, but it's a pain to use because the HDMI monitor is not a touch screen. I checked the settings and ensured that the "show virtual keyboard with hardware keyboard" was off. Installed OS version is 14.4.0. (It's also telling me the device is offline, even though it's registered and shows up in the control panel, but one problem at a time.) :smiley:


  • I guess this is a new problem. Oh well, I'll try something else.

  • Tested it on a Raspberry Pi 5. Comes up with an error that there is an internal problem with my device when it boots, but the keyboard does continue to work after the update. I suppose that's progress.

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