several questions

hello, i buy a licence but i have many pb

  • i use the touch screen but i have a pointer that corresponding at the mouse how can we remove it?
  • i connect to my wifi but after few minutes it says no internet connection?
  • several programs do not install they say they are not compatible ex: icoyote
  • i have a usb gps and it don't work

can you help me

best regards



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    Regarding your last point about USB GPS please check the following thread,

    However i haven't tried Coyote before, Install Sygic or TomTom Go if it's incompatible.

  • Hi Fred,

    Can you please take a picture of your setup / your screen? I can't reproduce your mouse pointer issue on my devices with the official touchscreen. Which touchscreen are you using?

    Yes, wifi breaks after disconnect / reconnect. We are researching the problem, but don't yet know why this is happening.

    Raspberry Pi doesn't provide typical interfaces like microphone (for telephony) or sensor HALs. For some apps we can fake it, but for other we can't. If you know which requirements your apps have, we check if it can be integrated into emteria.OS.

  • Hello ,
    thanks for your answer.

    since i install gapps and i make a 4.6 the app icoyote work correctly ;)

    for the mouse pointer with the touchscreen i have the same probleme with a cubietruck. i resolve it with this file configVendor_0eef_Product_0001.idc:

    Basic Parameters

    touch.deviceType = touchScreen
    touch.orientationAware = 1
    device.internal = 0
    keyboard.layout = azerty
    keyboard.characterMap = azerty2
    keyboard.orientationAware = 1
    keyboard.builtIn = 1
    cursor.mode = navigation
    cursor.orientationAware = 1

    it possible to send in the rpi?

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