Image and sound errors

RPi3 + original 7 "screen, 0.4.6 OS, the picture quality would be acceptable, but the video will hang over and over again during video playback.The 0.4.5 OS image quality was bad, but it did not frost, but there was a beep. Can you find a way to put an end to it?


  • You will have to be more specific. In particular, what apps are you running to do video playback.

  • I'm just using one application, VLC. When I used the 0.4.5 OS, I used this, but there was no freezing or blurred image.

  • I've tried several players but the VLC is the best, the worse. Youtube did not work until the internet was broken. This is a problem, why the Internet is breaking. It can only be restarted by rebooting.

  • We are aware of the reconnection problem, but we didn't find the reason yet.

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