Developer options

I can not find Developer options for the settings.
where can developer options need to be enabled
Required for MOCK.


  • Developer options may be enabled through repeatedly tapping the build number in settings. This is the default on Android.

  • I found the developer setting, but I still do not know what to do with the MOCK problem. there is no misapplication between applications.That's why I can not use GPS.

  • I don´t know if I understand your problem correctly: You want to use GPS, but are not able to activate fake positions and to tell android the APP, which uses the data?

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    The mock option is, when you go to the developer options, there to debugging and then the fourth point. In german it is named: APP für simulierte Standorte auswählen.
    I´m not sure, if you also have to activate the USB-Debugging mode.

  • Thanks, I found, works with gps, but applications do not recognize it.

  • This thread is about the developer options. Since all your questions were answered, I'll close it. If you have further questions about GPS, please open another thread.

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