invisible apk stopped running

I have an invisible apk that transmits the GPS information from the client machine. The operating system (Emteria) terminates its operation soon after the installation, not allowing it to continue running. Anyone have any ideas for solving this problem?


  • So does the installation succeed, but you can't start the application? Or does it start, but gets killed afterwards? Did you try to run it on other devices? Please feel free to post log snippets with errors here and we will be glad to fix the issue.

  • yes, it start but get killed aftwards... on my cell phone it runs perfectly.

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  • I need your help kalkov...

  • you can download my app on the following link:

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    I uploaded this application, it did not turn on, it got worse. GPS does not turn on automatically, it worked before it.
    This will be displayed at startup: "Device Settings - the app is down".
    Then turn on this GPS manually.
    How can this application be discontinued?

  • We usually don't provide debugging support for 3rd-party applications. But since it was Christmas, I've started your apk on my RPi3 and it crashed because the location services were deactivated (they are deactivated in emteria.OS by default).

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