Purchase Option - Any Idea of availability ?

edited September 2017 in Supported devices

Any idea on when it will be possible to purchase a Basic license ?

Also, for the free option, does the 48 hour reboot relate to rebooting after 48 hours of total use, or continuous use? i.e. if I use it in my car, which will run for a maximum of about 5 or 6 hours at a time, does it mean mine will never auto reboot ?


  • It is related to the continuous use. If you reboot or turn it off manually from time to time, there will be no enforced rebooting. We are waiting for our VAT number, which is required for invoicing. I think it will be about 2-4 weeks. As soon as everything is set, we will probably reduce the maximum continuous uptime to 24 hours. It should still be sufficient for everyday use and testing.

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