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Again I uploaded 0.5.3. I noticed these.
WIFI is still there, I joined LAN, I could install it all the way.
In the new system I can not play videos, VCL does not work GPS can not be installed, it will continue to beep.
I've tried to see that in 0.5.2. installed, automatically updated to 0.5.3. WIFI is not corrupted, it works, the beep is left, USBGPS and GOOGLE PLAY can be installed.
So automatic updating works well with 0.5.3.
Unfortunately, VLC does not work, but the picture is just sloping.
Videos can not be played.


  • VLC likely will never work because for some reason they prefer their own codecs which do decoding on the CPU. That doesn't work for the RPi, it's too slow.

    Try Newpipe from F-Droid which uses the Android player where we added support for the RPi hardware h264 decoding. This should do 720p smoothly.

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    Thanks for your help, tips on how to play from a USB stick? I do not always want to upload to my internal storage so I can watch it.
    The Gallery wants to play everything but can not be deleted because it belongs to the base

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    VLC works, but it only plays files normally on the central SD. The additional storage (USB) can not be played. The picture is like a synchromatic, oblique strip.
    Unfortunately, this is also true for some applications. When opened, only one striped image will be displayed. Pl.:TORQUE.
    The GPS does not turn on automatically, it is visible, but must be activated manually

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    All video is kind of broken in 0.5.3 compared to 0.5.2. Certainly when I use it on the Official RPi touchscreen.

    Firstly when you select a video file from say the file manager, you get the menu asking which app to play it with. But this menu is now slanted in strips all down the screen, weirdly.

    Screenshot is here

    Then guessing (based on colour of app icon and trial and error) the right area to pick a video program to play a file (Built in Media Player, MX Player, VLC, KODI doesn't matter), the display is just corrupt. Also strangely you can get files to play if the resolution is low enough, not sure what the threshold is but a 640x480 mp4 plays but a 720x576 mp4 doesn't. All very odd compared to 0.5.2.

    A 720x576 trying to be played:


    Happy to share a test fail video file is you like.

  • I talked about this too, but even when opening some programs, I get such a striped picture.

  • Thanks for reporting this, we are taking care of it today

  • I think we have fixed it now. Next release should be OK

  • I have a sad news about Igor! I was upgraded to 5.4, but the flicker remained.
    I'm desperate.

  • @obero, what flicker do you mean?

  • hachuring!
    but I can not paste it here.

  • Yes you can, just use the image tag. Or you can explain it. Or you can upload it somewhere else and post a link here.

  • Can I send it to this address?

  • Please post it here, such that everyone (including my collegues) can see what we are talking about.

  • I'll try it, but I have not done it yet. I hope you will succeed.

  • Meanwhile, I did not know 0.5.4. update. I tried again and have now updated, everything works very well.
    Sorry for bad information.

  • Meanwhile, I did not know 0.5.4. update. I tried again and have now updated, everything works very well.
    Sorry for bad information.
    Unfortunately, you have not stopped two errors, the beeps, and vertically drawn on the bottom of the picture several times - but not permanently - in video playback.

    ( https://www.yogile.com/kjf2pc1z#41m )

    I'm trying to share the beep

  • Good to know the update to 0.5.4 was successful.

    As I've mentioned in my old posts, we cannot fix the quality of audio generated by an external device. Why don't you use the built-in audio jack?

    Regarding the video playback: for now we only support the standard video codecs which can be natively processed by the RPi hardware. I am not sure if there is a simple way to support other codecs too.

    We will keep an eye at these problems, but I can't promise you any solutions in the next weeks.

  • do you need to reinstall Google Player after each update?

  • Yes, sorry. OpenGApps install its application to the system partition, which has to be cleaned up during the update.

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