0.5.4 upgrade

I updated 0.5.4. but I did not see any difference, and I still know: "System update found. New emteria.OS version 0.5.4 available" Did I do something wrong? Is there any special action in the Recovery option, or is it enough to restart?


  • Just install it as you always do: via the integrated update application. If everything goes well, the system should reboot itself and boot the new version.

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    I have a similar problem. Current version is 0.5.2, attempted system update to 0.5.4. After a while and 2 Nexts, pressed Install. That resulted in Factory Reset, but nothing available to install, i.e. no zips in the Downloads folder. Pressed Reboot then System, and got back to 0.5.2, with the same Update Found notification at top left :smile:

  • The updater will take care of everything, there are no files which need to be manually installed. To check if the update succeeded I'd see if the build number changed.

  • @Cyril, as soon as the device reboots (after pressing Install) you get into the recovery mode. In the ideal case, you shouldn't be able to do anything - the installation will be started automatically in the background.

    If you can navigate in there, something went wrong. Do you see the menu with all the buttons? If so, please try to find the log (usually somewhere in the navigation bar at the bottom) and make a screenshot.

  • It looks like the signature verification is activated on your device. Did you change it or was it like this before? In our builds this setting is deactivated by default.

    Please try the following:

    • Boot emteria.OS
    • Open "Power Off" application and boot to "Recovery"
    • Navigate to "Settings"
    • Disable "Zip signature verification"
    • Navigate back -> Reboot -> System
    • Start the update again
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    Ok, did that. Now won't boot at all: "rainbow", then a few normal diagnostic messages, then lots of messages like

    binder: xyz:xyz transaction failed 29189, size 0-0
    init: cannot execve(/system/bin/xyz): Permission denied
    init: couldn't write xyz to /dev/cpuset/some/path: No such file or directory

    Hmm.... :(

  • I'm sorry to hear that. This is definitely not the intended behavior. I would appreciate it if you could try to recall the exact actions you performed in order for us to understand the problem and make sure it won't happen again.

    1) Did you change any of the recovery settings before the original problem occurred? As I mentioned above, the zip verification should be deactivated by default.
    2) Did you modify any other system settings or downloaded third-party packages related to the system update?
    3) Did you install the package manually (by selecting it in recovery) or via the update application?
    4) Did you have any problems with the update application (failed downloads or similar)?
    5) Did the installation via recovery succeed and did the system reboot automatically?
    6) If you still have the broken system around, is it possible for you to access the boot logs (you will need access to a Linux machine)?

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