HDMI-CEC support


Are there plans for the Emteria.OS to support HDMI-CEC? It is a good feature for those who plan to use it as a media center.

Anyway, thanks for this great Android build.


  • Yes, it would be great to support it. However, AFAIK, our current kernel 4.9 doesn't provide native support for HDMI-CEC. We don't like the idea of developing all of it from scratch, as Linux 4.13 apparently has built-in support for HDMI-CEC with a bunch of new drivers and improvements in 4.14. So lets hope it will either be backported to 4.9 or we will switch to 4.14 soon.

  • +1 on this requirement. HDMI-CEC is a must for my Business use

  • HDMI-CEC, yes, please!

  • What kernel are we at?

  • Seems like CEC still isn't supported. Would be very nice to have this for digital signage.

    For current users, we do have a decent workaround. Emteria DOES work with our IRUSB device. You can use this little USB IR transceiver to automatically turn on and off TVs.

    Docs on how to use with emteria at https://splash-tiles.com/help/emteria_setup.php

    Note those docs say you can use SplashTiles to control IRUSB. You can actually control IRUSB directly via IP on port 9093.

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