I downloaded the latest version 0.5.8. I'm glad you did not have to turn on the GPS separately, it's automatically connected. Thank You! I encountered a problem, after a long period of inactivity, the system freezes. This was at the start screen. Removing it can only be restarted.


  • Today, the screen froze again. Right now, approx. It was 1.5 hours idle.

  • Today, again, it has frozen the screen several times.

  • Thanks for reporting. We have received several similar reports about system freezes, but we cannot reproduce them for now. Please make sure you are using a proper power supply.

  • It freezes regularly, I didn't modify config.txt (or anything at all) and it crashed in the setup wizard, and several times later. An older build was definitely more stable, I didn't use 0.5.7.

  • Hi, we are using Emteria as a personal copy and we realized a Dart Scoreboard with it. The App is a great app and we have connected a Dell 23" touch monitor to the system to enter the scores. Unfortunately we have to say that it seems that Emteria as far away from a stable system. Is often freezes or reboots which is a shame as this will mean that we are loosing the current statistics of our game. We have tried many options like adding some configuration parameters to the config.txt, tried several USB power-cable (currently we are using an official Raspberry Pi power-cable with 5.1V and 2.5 A).

    Our experiences are that version 0.5.6 was a mess and crashed often, version 0.5.7 seems to be the best one in regards to the stability and version 0.5.8 crashes again often.

    So before we spend any money in buying an official license of Emteria, are there any tips to make it more stable?


  • Unfortunately, I shouted, the GPS did not connect automatically and only stayed in the system stable since I installed 0.5.7 and updated it to 0.5.8. Could this be the problem? Or is it the other solution?

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