Raspberry Pi 3 Getting Stuck During Boot

I've got a Raspberry Pi 3, with a 16gb Micro SD Card in it (Class 10). Everytime I flash the latest version of Emteria onto it, it seems to get stuck in a loop of booting, and then the second screen has a f*ck ton of more words, with it saying "Rebooting in 5 Seconds" everytime. And it keeps doing it, anyone have a similar problem? I'm not entirely sure how to fix it.


  • I have experienced that 0.5.8. when installing on a brand new sd card. It only works when I install 0.5.7. and then update it.

  • Hmm, is there a way for me to install 0.5.7? I can't seem to find a way

  • Of you have it installed before, you can use a local image in the installer, instead of logging in.

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