0.5.10, és 0.5.11 nstallation errors

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There's something big wrong. You can not install either 0.5.10 or 0.5.11. In both cases, the error restarts every 5 seconds (rebooting in 5 seconds ..).
I waited a few days for a reaction to my entry. Unfortunately not. I tried to install version 0.5.11, which was successful even until WIFI was switched on. The system then restarted and continuously restarts for 5 seconds. Then, after each shutdown, only a 5 second continuous restart function was active. I rewritten the SD card, I started it, I went back to WIFI instead of connecting it and it came with 5 seconds of torture.
Please find the solution because it is useless.
Please respond to my entry.


  • Stop trying to install 0.5.11 - That is what I did !! On my system it just won't install .

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    I think I've managed to find the solution to the installation problem. It can not be installed directly from version 0.5.9. I installed it and it 0.5.6 works, update it to version 0.5.14 without any problems

  • Great, @obero, thanks for reporting!

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