Bluetooth keeps turning itself off? even after working properly

I have a Rasp B.. not the B+ with the latest software and license

so i turn on the bluetooth like normal from the drop down menu or in the settings, it can scan and pair up to other devices no problem

but after a minute or so it Automatically turns off..
i'll even be in settings and swipe of the button to turn on and wait and it will pop up saying "Turning off Bluetooth" and then it disconnects from my device, once i swipe it back on it scans and connects to my device no problem and works for about a minute and then turns back off

i checked battery saver is off
as well as wifi and bluetooth scanning
even tried it in air plane mode
and multiple reboots
even got an app to automatically enable it and it still turns itself off after little and then the app kicks it back on and it just cycles on and off

any advice?
thank you


  • Unfortunately, there are multiple hardware-related issues with BT we don't know how to fix:
    * there is no RTC onboard, so timings are not very precise (BT alarms don't work)
    * there is no UART flow control in RPi 3B
    * conflicts between WIFI and BT are common

    For more information, see

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