I have installed the emteria OS on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, no sound, heating and slowing.

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I have installed the emteria OS on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
No over clocking, whatsoever.

Emteria build used is : rpi3-v0.5.21

I have couple of issues:

1) I am using a Full HD 43'' Television as display connected via a HDMI, Sound does not appear all the time.
Sometimes it does? anything to do with resolution? how to get around this, that sound appears all the time through HDMI?

2) When I side load apk's the raspberry PI heats up considerably in just 15-30 minutes of uptime. and hangs for minutes,
sometimes comes back else requires a reboot! I even installed the heat sinks on the raspberry Pi helped a bit heats up in
45 minutes now, but still a major concern.

Need Suggestions:

1) Is there any remote control app for android available? for example: Yatse for KODI?

I am wanting to deploy this as an Android Smart TV++ in my entertainment room :smiley: .
need to figure out is it worth investing, before I buy the license from emteria?


  • 1) I would assume your resolution is killing the performance (RPi doesn't have much of memory). Try to enforce a smaller resolution and the system will be much faster.

    2) Did you install any major third-party services like Google Play? If yes, it is the reason for slowness. If no, it also can be caused by high resolution.

    3) We have a built-in VNC server (Settings -> Emteria -> VNC Server).

  • Thanks for replying.

    For 1) are you suggesting if i use a lower resolution it should also help in sound?

    2) I have only installed youtube and Terrarium TV app? do they hamper CPU perf?

    3) Thanks! I could use the VNC.

  • How did you install YouTube? Using Google Play? Google services are very resource intensive and affect all system parts (including sound).

  • I side loaded Youtube apk from the internet.
    I do not have any google services installed.

  • Do you know how could I work with the following:

    1) get to sound settings?

    2) control the screen resolution?

    3) ssh from remote or from within?

  • Well, you can navigate to the Settings application and check out available sound and resolution settings and start reading the ssh documentation.

  • have it installed on my PI 3 B+ aswewll, sound works great. It gets pretty hot yes true, but nothing to worry about. Or buy a fan for 3 euro for the pi, did the same. However i suffer 1 other big problem: if you install GApps your gonna get frozen and the system freezes completly...

  • Please tell me. raspberry pi 3 model b+ I want to connect Emteria to the AV connector on the car. how to fix config.txt to show the image?

  • Try this. Tell me you succeeded


    It worked for me, but the switching was cumbersome, somebody should have some helpful help.

  • Try this. Notify me how you managed.
    It worked for me, but the switching was cumbersome, somebody should have some helpful help.
    I used this
    USB2.0 UVC Audio Video Capture Card Adapter Recorder Analog to Digital for Android Win OSX IOS
    Available at Aliexpress
    I found the idea here

  • obero Thanks for the reply. I'd like to know. why other Androids for example Lineage OS 15.1 works and Emteria does not work through AV connector? In Lineage OS 15.1 I'm in config.txt. disabled item (hdmi_force_hotplug=1) and everything worked. Maybe in Emteria you can edit. config.txt?

  • Unfortunately, I can't help you because I don't get it. I found it after a long research, I thought someone else could use it. Although its use is difficult, only those who know programming can answer it.

  • Please use the latest version Emeteria. Use the right power supply for the Pi B+. The latest version has a build in power regulator therefore, if your pi is under power you will lose sound, picture and in some cases, the pi will fail to boot. class 10 SD is always the best to use- Cheers!

  • Please tell me. how to remove the black bars around the screen? I change the screen resolution but black bars around the screen. right and top of the screen remain. Help prompt please to solve this problem.

  • Emteria via RCA cable (tulips) not working

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