Does any one have a pi working without issues

I am asking the obvious as i have tried various things and i see a bit of wording on boot up then nothing no picture no audio nothing.
To save trying to search various things for hours on end, just want to know if any one has a pi 3 b going without any issues using teranium and kodi etc. Then do you have it running smoothly as kodi and other apps do on the normal build?
Basically if it doesnt work well then i may as well bin all my pi's and get android tv boxes a shame but changes happen

Thx in advance


  • I have a pi running on emteria. Hdmi 5 inch screen, battery powered. Works fine, after i editted the config for the screen size
  • Thanks Aperturelab, been up all night borrowed a pc screen and got to see what i was doing, though no matter what i do, i cant get it to work on my tv screen, its not full hd, and tried going through a digital modulator, too tried changing screen size, i think it might always put out a progressive scan than than interlaced, so looks like i will bite the bullet and upgrade the tv - thanks for your reply

  • Ok my tv will do 1080i, so does any one know how to set this in the resolution part of the system - basically my digital set top box is set to 16 by 9 and 1080i and it works fine, so i am sure there is a way to set this on rasberry just not sure how with this emertia install, i could do it fine of the normal pi and kodi - its just this android version i dont seem to be able to sort it out, even more so going through a HD modulator still doesnt work so any help of any one would be great - thx

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