change F-droid to Aptoide.apk

Change Emteria_OS with android 7 to a Android TV Box using raspberry pi 3
0. Change F-Droid to Aptoide.apk
1. Need app Laucher to open and close apps
2. Need to install Aptoide.apk
3. Install Aptoide TV lite or Aptoide TV
4. Modify system to boot to a specified app ( AKA ) Aptoide TV
5. Or have system to boot to apps folder !!!!!


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    • Unroot emteria too
  • If you want to launch apps on startup either:

    • Use one of the many startup manager apps
    • Launch applications via a shell script in /data/init.d/. Look at the scripts already in there to see how to write them.
  • Just tagging this thread for myself. Just picked up Emteria and seeing if this would be a viable way to play DRM content (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Appears I need to research "unrooting" and, from other posts, hardware video acceleration is not working on raspberry pi yet? (low resolution being reported on Netflix app when it does work).

    BTW - I have gotten Netflix working on OSMC (debian based) but only Netflix.

  • I'm trying to do the same thing, i would like to bring a pi 4 at the cabin in watch netflix offline during rainy day. Did it work?

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