Stuck at splash screen

Installed Emteria on SDXC card. Seems to boot up OK (ie runs through script) but then gets stuck at initial splash screen (Emteria logo). Any ideas? Using HDMI video connection - working fine - shows 1280*720 and time. USB mouse and keybd connected - but seem to do nothing.


  • I think it is NOT a screen resolution issue - logo is centred, HDMI screen says 1280*720

  • which os are you using when you are flashing to the sdcard ?

  • Using Win10 (64bit). Poss may be that SD card is 64Gb, so am currently re-formatting to FAT32 (very slow!) and will re-try flashing when done.

  • So the OS is booting up (boot animation finishes), but you cannot navigate in the setup wizard? Is that correct?

  • Somewhat tricky to respond accurately - but defintiely I don't get to the setup wizard. All I get is the text lines of the boot script then the animated Emteria logo - nothing further, and no green light on Pi.

  • So you get up to the boot animation, but not further (after sufficient waiting time)? This is definitely a bug. But I'm clueless why this can happen.

    If you have access to a Linux machine, you can try mounting your sdcard (after failed boot) and checking /cache/logs/ directory for logs.

  • I am now waiting for delivery of a new SD card, and will start all over again with that. Thanks for your help and patience.

  • It works fine with new 32Gb Class 10 SD card. Old 64Gb SD card (class 6) relegated to other uses.
    Now to get headless access working...

  • @David_B, did you manage to get the headless access working? Any specific problems?

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