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Hello. Does enter is support tap to wake with official 7” display (backlight should be disabled before tapping)? And what about non official HDMI displays? How can it be done?
I have tested with HDMI touch display (sunfounder 10.1”), but it doesn’t turn off backlight at all. Thank you.


  • The official screen doesn't turn off completely (otherwise it won't generate touch events), but rather reduces the brightness as much as possible. Check the Settings -> RPi Settings for this.

    For third-party screens a new lights HAL would be needed. We can create one for a specific project, but we can't integrate all of them into one OS by default.

  • Is there any way to turn the screen back "on", by touching it? I'm using the RP3 b+ and original 7" display. It turns black when screensaver activates. Only a mouse or keyboard can wake it up.
    Did I maybe missed some settings?

  • Need to check our implementation. I don't remember if screensaver turns the power off. In this case, the screen doesn't produce any events when being touched -> the OS cannot detect it has to wake up.

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    Try this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kimcy929.doubletaptoscreenoff&hl=es_419

    It worked in my phone, and it doesn't have the tap to wake feature, so it could work in the official display, or a waveshare display.

    EDIT: There are a ton of apps like this, but this one is not so recommended but I use this app.

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