Emteria Lagging Problem

I have installed emteria on RPI 3 b+ model, installation done smoothly, installed amazon prime, but while playing video the system is restarting every 20-30 minutes after downloading the video also and system is lagging while opening menu or settings, and i am using 39" LED tv for this.. any suggessions ?


  • What resolution are you running?

  • What he said ^
  • Is your system overclocked or anything? Do you have heat sinks on your chips?

    I found overclocking to really make a difference in my system responsiveness. I don’t have full turbo enabled all the time only for the first 60s at boot.
  • Ok I am new to this, turbo for the first 60 seconds :smiley: . I have to explore the pi and emteria menu more. I just opened it once for screen rotation....
  • @kknott , where do I find this turbo function in emteria os?
  • You’d find it under /boot/config.txt which is the standard config file for the RPI.

    See here for documentation on oveclocking and the initial_turbo setting:


    I can post a copy of my overclock settings I use on raspbian / emteria if you want? Keep in mind that you’ll need to either remount the /boot/ partition as read/write or have a file manager set up with root privledges so you can edit the file.

    Of course using the config would be at your own risk, I’m running heat sinks on mine and am waiting on a fan from Amazon. Overclocking really seems to make a difference in making Emteria a bit more snappy.

    Keep in mind all boards vary somewhat, so you’ll want to a) take a backup of your config file before starting and b) have access to a Linux OS to you can revert changes to the config.txt file should your system fail to boot.

    To overclock you can simply set force_turbo=1 but keep in mind this will void your warranty. There are other overclock settings which you can use safely and not void the warranty like arm_freq.

    Happy to post my overock config if you think it would be helpful to you.

  • Please do post it. And please do mention again the risk involved so if people read only that post they have a proper warning. I do have a heatsink, one of the really small one's, well 2 of the small one's. There are these Large one's that have 2 fans, that would probably improve the cooling allot.
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    Sure, you'll only want to include the following in the /boot/config.txt if you know what you're doing, be warned this could make your system unstable and isn't recommended under normal circumstances. Also you'll want to make a backup of your config.txt first and ensure you have a 3amp power supply.

    I was able to use the following config with only heatsinks and it was stable, couldn't boot if i jumped up to arm_freq=1500.


    You can read about what each one does (some will apply to Emteria where others won't) - I just happen to be using the same settings between this OS and Raspbian.

    I've also enabled "performance" instead of "ondemand" cpu mode via the Kernel Auditor app.

    Still looking for a decent performance stats app to see how much of a gain I'm actually getting but I can tell the OS is snappier.

    In other news, this is on the way:


  • Thanks @kknott !

    Cool, a Micro SD Card Dual System Switcher for Raspberry Pi :smiley: . What's the plan, switching between emteria and raspbian?
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