wave share 4 inch

I notice that wave share screens of different sizes are listed as compatible but I am having issues with my 4 inch screen. I cannot seem to get to my /boot/config.txt like it says to in the directions. it says not found when I'm in terminal. and when I try to give the system/build it says I do not have permission. I did read through other discussions but not having any luck.

thank you


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    I don't think we have a 4" waveshare screen in the list of compatible devices. It may work, when properly configured, but there is no guarantee. If I got it right, this is the same problem you were discussing here: https://forum.emteria.com/discussion/622/github#latest, so I will close that other topic in order to keep it everything at one place.

  • You have to provide us more details about how exactly you are trying to open those files.

  • well keep in mind I am very new to this, basically fumbled around and changed my configtxt on my laptop just through a card reader and my 4 inch screen now displays correctly. the problem I have is when the different HATs that I wish to install supporting drivers for tell me to type in terminal the GitHub site to download supporting software I get an error on the next line telling me either not found or unknown id. I am currently trying to get my gps hat to work with this os. I think I am just know where experienced enough to get through it.

  • Sorry I just read the thread you closed. I am using the terminal on the pi itself. I purchased the basic OS on Emteria, I have a Pi3 b+. my plans are to install this into a 2011 dash cluster where the stock screen is and run the play store torque pro app. I wish to have GPS functional for odometer reading. I know it can be done because there is someone who sells these clusters with Emteria OS installed on them. I did email for the commercial purchase and just have them set it up but had no response. Thank you for any help

  • Don't use the terminal on the Pi. Plugin the sd card into your PC and edit the configuration there.

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