USB Soundcard - Microphone Support

Hi I have a UGreen USB soundcard, the audio seems to be fine in that it is being routed through however the microphone does not work. I have paid for personal version. I have seen others say they have sound card working with microphone.

Could someone confirm how to get audio/mic working, if I try and set usb configuration in settings to audio the settings app crashes.

Is their a particular sound card that works? are their any configurations I need to do for microphone to work?



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    Hi, i do confirm that audio and microphone are working fine using some cheap USB soundcard like the one in the screenshot, however i don't recommend buying it.

    It also work using a Logitech H360 USB Headset.

    No need for any configurations though.
    You tried that USB soundcard on Raspbian or a linux pc to make sure that it works?

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