Onboard WiFi is slow, want to use separate WiFi USB adapter interface.

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Hi, I have a simple problem which hopefully has a simple solution (cross my fingers). I am using my paid version of Emteria.OS as a media streaming device, and I have some buffering problems. One, the Raspberry Pi 3B+ I am using's onboard wifi is very slow, only around 30 to 40 megabytes, when I have a 100 megabyte network. So I took some old TP-LINK USB wifi adapters and connected them to my pi. No love, it only recognizes onboard WiFi. Ethernet is not an option, so I guess that I need to solution. I find it frustrating that something I paid for can't do simple things that ALMOST EVERY OTHER operating system can. And I have done some research myself, but no luck finding anything close to what I want to do. Please help me find a solution to my predicament.



  • Hi, you tried to disable the on-board wifi?

  • As far as I know, Android can only support one wifi device configuration at once (probably because you don't change the wireless chip on your smartphone or tablet that often). Internal wifi is what is officially supported, we don't make any promises about external adapters. Creating a dedicated build with a different configuration is generally possible, but it will require additional work. We will be happy to make you an official offer, if you wish.

  • Roxette, how would someone go about disabling onboard wifi? Going into settings and turning off wifi? But then wifi will be completely off. And Kalkov, by official order, do you mean upgrading from a personal license to a business license and paying more money?

  • I mean a dedicated development project, which covers one or two days of work.

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    Take a look to the build.prop. I saw there "something=wlan0". Try to change it to wlan1. Maybe it helps.

  • I will look at that Martin, thanks for your help.

  • it was wifi_interface=wlan0. I tried changing it to wlan1 using ES File Explorer but it won't edit read-only filesystems. How would someone go about editing the build.prop file. Again, thank you all for your help.

  • You can use Total Commander.

  • You can either do it by plugging the sdcard into your PC or by using "adb remount".

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