Layout and fonts on large display

Trying Emteria and Raspbery with 22" touchscreen. Originally it was android AIO, but mainboard died long ago. Idea is I know how Android should look like on such screen.
I successfully set resolution to native 1920x1080 and it works more or less fine, Dock went from right to bottom of the screen, which is right behavior. However everything still too bulky: large icons, large fonts, huge search bar, etc. System layout still optimized for physically small device.
Is there "zoom" settings in UI or config files I'm missing to shrink everything to make it more relevant to a large screen?

P.S. evaluation warning in right bottom corner printed in quite small and nice looking font



  • Can you post a screenshot? How did you change the resolution?

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    Screenshot didn't work... had no time to understand why (also attached error). Therefore attached photos from screen

    Resolution I changed by modifying /boot/config.txt, in particular set dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d and hdmi_cvt=1980 etc. Changing resolution in Settings->Raspberry tried before, but it lead me into black screen and reflashing only (there was bunch of comments re this in the forum)


  • From my experience, the desktop looks correct.

  • I don't say it is not correct. The question is if it is possible to decrease size or zoom scale of elements and fonts to achieve more "desktop like" experience.
    Might be also connected to viewport resolution vs display resolution.
    I attached picture of Acer AIO (unfortunately only some lo res sample from the internet), but you can see what I'm trying to achieve. For example bar with standard android buttons at the bottom about 75% thinner. Same applies to everything else, but it's not as visible due to different launcher on the picture

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