tocuh screen finger mode

Hello, I'm testing Raspberry Pi3 model b+ with Emteria 0.6.3. I connected "Waveshare 4 inch HDMI LCD Touch Control Screen Resistive 800*480 Resolution IPS interface For Raspberry Pi3B+/3/2 B/B+/A" and after I modified the config.txt adding "dtoverlay=ads7846,cs=1,penirq=25,penirq_pull=1,speed=50000,keep_vref_on=1,swapxy=0,pmin=1,pmax=255,xohms=150,xmin=200,xmax=3900,ymin=200,ymax=3900" the touch screen works properly but only in "no touch mode": I can only use the touch screen with my finger to move the arrow of the cursor on the screen but I can't use my finger to open directly the app on which I click and I have to move the arrow of the cursor over the icon and then tap to open the app so the use of the touch screen is not friendly at all.
Is there any parameters I can change to use the touch screen as a "normal" touch screen like a smartphone?
Thank you.


  • Sounds like your touch controller is recognized as a mouse, not as a touchscreen. I'd ask the driver manufacturer.

  • Hello Kalkov, thank you for your reply. I found another discussion on the blog ( ) with a very similar problem but I didn't find the right solution. The strange thing is that in recovery mode the touch screen works properly, but when Android starts in normal mode the touch screen works like a mouse. Do you have any idea how to fix the problem in normal android mode? Thank you.

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