Broken hardware on RPi3+

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On the Rpi 3 + motherboard, the GPIO 9 (SPI_MIS0) pin failed. Does this affect the affection of emteria and can I install it calmly?


  • Probably yes, if you don't need SPI :smile:
    Do you ask whether broken pins affect the licensing process? No, they shouldn't.

  • Thank you, I just want to use the authorized Emtera. So can i install it, will it work fine?

  • I suggest you simply go ahead and install the free version for test.

  • I have installed, enabled and have not detected any errors so far. Does Emteria use this Pin?

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    @obero that pin is only used if you are connected to it via P-hat otherwise the board doesn't care. So in this case it won't matter.

  • Ok.Thanks.

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