Emteria on Rpi3

Good day all,

I,m currently doing a project with emteria os installed on rpi 3 with the rpi touchscreen, everything is working well for the basics.

The goal was to get real-time info via Bluetooth from my ecu (MaxxECU) using the vendors software (Mdash).
The the software is working well but when the connection is made via Bluetooth it reads the data for a few minutes then it stops reading, the software and the pi is still connected/paired to the ecu and the app is not frozen as I can still make other adjustments with the gauges etc.

In order to resolve this I either have to completely close off the app and relaunch it or restart the rpi. I also disabled all the other apps and even tried turning on "do not disturb mode" with little help.

The temp of the pi is good and it has at least 400MB free memory so I'm thinking it could be a fault on the Bluetooth side of things idk..... any advice will be appreciated :)


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    This issue was discussed several times, the onboard bluetooth module on the rpi3 b doesn't work properly, you can use it to connect a bluetooth keyboard or something like that but to transfer a lot of data it will just get disconnetcted.
    However the onboard bluetooth module doesn't even work on rpi3 b+.
    I'm referring to android distros like Emteria ... etc not Raspbian.

  • is there a way to disable the on-board Bluetooth in emteria in order to use a bluetooth dongle? and will this work?

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