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Enable Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi3

in order to test my use case, i need to enable the BT connection. Is there a way to enable it? (even if it´s buggy)

Thank you!


  • You can enable BT by the standard way. Use the button at the top or enable it via settings. We tried it to connect a BT speaker and it works fine.

  • Unfortunately not. The slider can be moved, but does not stay in the enabled position. Device is a brand new Model B+

  • That's strange. When we used it, it worked absolutely fine. But to be honest currently we have connected the speaker via 3.5 directly to the touchscreen.

    I now have tested it here on my test system and BT seems to work fine. I enabled BT via settings and all other BT devices around were found.

  • I know :neutral: tried apps with BT access to enable it but no luck so far. Everything else works like a charm.

  • Bluetooth doesn't currently work on the B+ since it uses a new and different chip from the older B. If you absolutely need it for your application, I'd recommend using the B.

  • Alright, thanks for the clarification. Any chance to see a new build for the b+ soon?

  • It is very high in our priority list, but we can't provide any estimations yet.

  • Hopefully in the near future, have a b+ and need BT, already bought a license ;)

  • edited April 23

    Bluetooth support (RPI 3b+) is keeping me off the os for now

  • Its in our top 5 list. Stay tuned!

  • Is bluetooth problem solved?

  • No, B+ refuses to load the updated firmware. We don't know why.

  • I'm new to the Emteria party - I have an RPi 3B+, and from my understanding BT doesn't work - but is that BT as a whole, or just the onboard BT?

    For my usage, I need BT, but I'm quite happy to just get a BT USB if that's what's needed - so is it BT doesn't work full-stop, or it just doesn't work with the inbuilt BT?

  • Hi! I've the same problem: RPI 3B+ with unsupported on-board BT. Without BT my application is completely useless... idea to solve the problem? Is there a BT usb doongle that is working with 3B+?

  • Hi. Any news on the bluetooth support for the 3B+?

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