No Signal On TV via HDMI

hey guys i have a little prb here , so when i plug my raspberry pi b3 with HDMI in the TV doesn't work!! it just write " check the signal " o the screen but when i use another screen like screen of my PC or something like that it work normal
so i don't know why i just thinking its a resolution problem .
thanks for reading and i wish to find a way to fix this problem
<i am sorry for my English and for the thinness of expression because I'm not English>



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    I had the same problem with my HDMI Sony Bravia TV but it would display on my PC Screen. Kept saying "unsupported signal" or "check the signal and try again". I made a YouTube video about it to help anyone else with the same issue.

    If you want it to display, you have to edit the config.txt file.

    Change the line:

    The rest is optional.
    hdmi_cvt=1920 1080 60 6 0 0 0

    And it should display on your TV screen.
    Hope it works!

  • but i am using Emteria and when i put the SD card on my laptop i cant edit the files , so how can i change the config.txt file ?

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    Are you using Windows or Linux?

    On windows there should be a "boot" partition/drive under My Computer. Open that up. The config.txt should be there. And on Ubuntu Linux "boot" partition/drive should be under Files (the cabinet icon) on the left side bar. You just right click config.txt and open with text editor/notepad.

    Sorry I dunno how else to help

  • Since the user hasn't responded to the questions or specified what the issue is I'll assume this has been resolved.

  • Thanks Man. I just had the same problem and this solved it in 2 seconds

  • No worries. So glad I could help someone with the same issue. :smiley:

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