emteria os on RPI 3+ as mobile but needed as tablet

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great job with v1.1.0 it works again, res=800x480@59.
The only problem that i have is that the only one android app that i use (the netatmo weather), behave differently now.
It's quite the same as if the device is parametrized as mobile (not tablet).
With this case the landscape view display one graph for a chosen sensor.

The v0,7 behaved for me correctly, as if it was a tablet.
And landscape view displayed all the current values of all sensors...

What i need is to configured my rpi3+ with official 7" display, as a tablet one (i think)

As it already asked, how is the resolution parametrized by the v0,7?
The v0,7 is on the other card.
I have two possibility top read the used resolution.

One possibility is to put the card and start the device and show on settings=> rpi-settings.
The other one would be to find the config file... Don't know where it could be placed...

Many thanks in adavnce for any suggestions.


ps: some screenshots comes soon


  • Here are screenshots of netatmo android app with emteria v0.7
    Here is the screenshot of the main-view of netatmo by its start, to access on it:

    Here is the screenshot of graphview, to access on it, we should tap en the graph icon on top-right:

    resolution: 1280x720

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    Here are screenshot of netatmo android app with emteria v1.1

    Here is the screenshot of graphview, app starts with it, and have no access of view-typ on top-right of screen corner:

    That's typically the design & behaviour from netatmo-weather for mobile phone.
    Normally for tablets, behaviour and menus of the apps are like the screenshot by emteria-os v0.7

  • Please compare resolution values in Settings -> Raspberry Pi for 0.7 and 1.1. They should be the same.
  • @kalkov resolution in v0.7 is 1280x720 by v1.1 is 800x480@59.
    Are not the same. I'm not sure that the v1.1 system will accept the 1280x720...
    Should i try to apply this resolution on v1.1?
  • What kind of display/touchscreen do you have connected?
    Please post the content of /bbot/config.txt (you will see it when you put the sdcard into your pc).
  • for the v0.7 /boot/config.txt is as following:

    hdmi_cvt=1280 720 60 6 0 0 0




  • by v1.1 that's the following /boot/config.txt





  • What kind of a monitor/screen are you using?
  • hi, i have the official one of rpi.org 7" (in theorie).
    i don't know why it was possible to get it in 1280x720 in the v0.7 of emos...
  • The official one should support 800x480 only. The behavior of v1.1 is correct.
    If you want to see more on your screen you should try increasing the density instead. Check system display settings for modifying display size.
  • change the density? you mean the dpi right?
    I don't know where i may find this setting. didn't found it in menus.

    But i'm not sure that is a problem of the display size.
    It seems for me that is a problem by an other "parameter" which should be more discrete i think.
    That's maybe a speculation, but seems to be for me that the app that i installed get the info (by every usage or was by installation) that the device is a tablet or smartphone.
    In case of a tablet it has on above right corner this 2buttons to switch between 2 views. I've already seen it on a 7" tablet.
    That's not present on a smartphone. On a smartphone switching between the 2 views happens by keeping the phone from portrait into landscape.

    I don't know if it make sense what tell.
    But seems to me that eventually the app get the wrong info from the system. that maybe it would be a smartphone, and not a tablet...
  • today i tried to change some parameter in the settings part dedicated raspberry. and by one that i turned off, then don't start the screen of emos anymore... were could i find the config part the data structur? which file could it be. i forgot the name of it (thought that i'll remeber). that the 2nd one from top with a switch and need a system reboot for being applied...
  • After so much time, i give it a try again with the version 1.3.39 of eos and it works quite good. The dev-team made a great job.

    The only thing that could be better for me is the minimal scaling of display ("taille d'affichage" in french display size maybe) could be set in something lower...
    But that's excellent.
    Thanks emteria dev-team! great job
    We may close this topic

  • @cemoi71 Thanks for the kind word, we are glad you like it.
    I'm not sure what you mean by minimal scaling of display, but you can set screen density with "adb shell wm density 160".

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