emteria os on RPI 3+ as mobile but needed as tablet

great job with v1.1.0 it works again, res=800x480@59.
The only problem that i have is that the only one android app that i use (the netatmo weather), behave differently now.
It's quite the same as if the device is parametrized as mobile (not tablet).
With this case the landscape view display one graph for a chosen sensor.

The v0,7 behaved for me correctly, as if it was a tablet.
And landscape view displayed all the current values of all sensors...

What i need is to configured my rpi3+ with official 7" display, as a tablet one (i think)

As it already asked, how is the resolution parametrized by the v0,7?
The v0,7 is on the other card.
I have two possibility top read the used resolution.

One possibility is to put the card and start the device and show on settings=> rpi-settings.
The other one would be to find the config file... Don't know where it could be placed...

Many thanks in adavnce for any suggestions.


ps: some screenshots comes soon


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