Black Screen after install with orgnial 7" Touch

After I made the software on the SD card (Windows installer) and inserted it into the Pi3 with 7 "original touch, the following happened:

Pi starts
Ethernet not found (although connected)
until and with Logo starts the software
After the logo black screen

Confic I have not adapted and left everything original. Touch is connected to the PI3 via adapter card with ribbon cable.


  • Which emteria.OS version are you using?

  • the actual 0.4.3

  • Are you sure the display isn't showing anything? Just like your phone, the display reduces the brightness to save the power. Try touching it.

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    When i hold the screen in the Light, i can see something on it.
    The Backgroundlight turn not on by touching.

    Can i change the value of brightness?

  • Are the GPIO pins connected correctly? I have just tested 0.4.3 on my device with the official 7" touchscreen and it seems to work fine.

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    I think it must be right. With Raspberry OS it work with no Problem.

  • If you hold the screen in the light, can you recognize the emteria logo in the middle of the screen? There is a button on the bottom right (above the next). Try touching it. If touch is working, but the backlight is not, we will take a closer look at it. If the touch isn't working at all, you have to check your connection cables or try a new installation. We cannot reproduce the issue.

  • Ok, I just saw your picture. We have 2 more pins connected. Please refer to this tutorial:

  • I can see de emteria Logo by starting. I can see it normal an de backlight run. After your logo is the backlight off.
    When I light the flashlight on the display I can see outlines.
    Even if I stroke my finger from top to bottom, I see in the outlines the menu appear.

  • Sorry, you were too fast :smile:
    I've just posted above that we have two more pins connected.

    @kalkov said:
    Ok, I just saw your picture. We have 2 more pins connected. Please refer to this tutorial:

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    I've wired SDL and SDC, but nothing changes. But I will also reload the SD and hope that this brings something.
    After reinstall the SD card, i have the same Problem. The displaylight ist after logo off.
    Picture after rebuid connection

  • Could you check which version of the RPi display you have? It should be printed on the display PCB.

    There is a known issue with brightness control on v1.0 displays:

  • Yes it is the Version 1.0 from year 2014

  • I had get a newer Display with Version 1.1 and it run. You know when the update will come?

  • We have an idea how to solve it. A new release will be uploaded probably tomorrow, since we would like to include several other fixes.

  • ok, thx. I will try the 0.4.4 after relase :-)

  • Hi @Wideoman. We have just uploaded the new version which also works with display version 1.0.

  • Perfectly, it run now

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