Installer MacOS | Install fails with "Could not find package.json"

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When attempting to flash SD card,

Opened the installer via Terminal, via sudo

I log in successfully

I choose 'Raspberry Pi 3', Version, Branch, Target & Release all show "?". First sign there's an issue?

I move to the next stage and select the SD, then get "Could not find package.json" in Flash stage


  • I have the same issue here.
    - Mac OSx (High Sierra)
    - Samsung Class 1 SD card
  • Same issue here... is anyone monitoring these forums who can actually update us on whether this is being dealt with? Pretty critical issue...
  • this issue still persist. evaluating emteria. looks like they are not on point with their software rollout and support. goodbye to a sale!
  • Hey guys and sorry for the delayed response. We do monitor the forum and we do also update our software, but Mac users have been a minority so far, many of which had a possibility to use a different PC for emteria installation.

    We understand that many of you are disappointed and will not purchase our software until this issue is fixed. However, our resources are quite limited and we had to focus on other problems and features. I will discuss this topic internally and check if we can increase its priority.
  • I have this same issue OP described. Why even offer a Mac installer if it doesn't work?

  • are right, I've removed the Mac Installer from the download section until we fix it. Sorry.

  • Got same issue on win10, have any one solved it ?
  • @ranb Can you please provide more information. What installer version are you using and what image are you trying to flash?
  • @smieschek win10 latest installer, trying to install emulator image.
    here is log
    Checking for OEM config

    No OEM config available

    Started downloading "package.json"

    Using path "C:/Users/xx/AppData/Local/Emteria/Emteria.OS Installer/cm3panel-v0.5.19/package.json"

    Error downloading: QUrl("") "Error transferring - server replied: Not Found"

    Received: "C:/Users/xx/AppData/Local/Emteria/Emteria.OS Installer/cm3panel-v0.5.19/package.json" ( 0 )

    Finished downloading "package.json"

    Failed reading package file
  • @ranb thanks again for the feedback and the detailed description. The issue is solved from v1.1.
  • > @smieschek said:
    > @ranb thanks again for the feedback and the detailed description. The issue is solved from v1.1.

    Thanks for the fix, works fine here now :D
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