wifi does not reconnect on restart

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I am running an evaluation version of emteria OS android on a raspberry pi 3B.

I can connect to wifi, but after powering off and restarting the wifi does not automatically connect.

It remains as saved and I have to connect manually.

Is there a setting I am missing to automatically connect or is this a feature of the OS.



  • @FJEDEV, I've triple-checked this on my device and the re-connection went smoothly without any issues. Did you check the Logcat for errors? Android has a built-in network scoring, so maybe there is something wrong with the connection itself.

  • Thanks kalkov will try with an alternative wifi connection and also see what the logcat says.

  • @kalkov

    I still cannot get the system to reconnect automatically to the wifi. I have tried a raspberry pi 3B as well as a 3B+ and also a licensed version of emteria as well as an eveluation version. Unfortunately for some reason I cannot see the device when connect to my laptop via usb so there is no logcat to view.

    When I look at the wifi after reboot, it is on, but disconnected and my wifi name shows as saved. If I click on the name it connects, but I need the system to do this automatically.

  • @FJEDEV, what version did you flash? I've experienced that behaviour on the latest nightly builds, maybe try the beta version 1.1.0. Besides, you don't need to be connected via USB for adb. You should be able to adb connect to the device when it is connected to the same wifi as your laptop.

  • I have the same problem with all 1.2x versions. With all versions 1.1 and below, wifi automaticly reconnects.
    Also when I update to a new (nightly) build, my own prefs in config.txt are gone.
  • Thanks for the advice. I was using the latest nightly build, so flased v1.1.0 beta instead and it now reconnects immediately. Thanks for the help much appreciated.
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    @Bart31, @FJEDEV the reconnect issue was introduced after upgrading to a newer kernel version on our side. It was fixed today and will be part of the next nightly build (and all release builds).

    @Bart31, during the update, the whole boot partition is replaced with a new one, as system changes may require boot config changes. What preferences do you have to introduce there? Please open a new discussion thread for this problem.
  • Hi, I just started to use emteria OS on R-pi5 a few days ago, the OS version is v14.1.0. I still met this WIFI not auto-connect issue every time after rebooting or manually turn off/on WIFI. In the setting, the wifi ap name showed "Saved/Won't automatically connect" but actually I already enabled "Auto-connect" in the setting. And the wifi signal strength is "Fair" or "Good" (my home wifi) . could you help check? thanks!

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