"Waiting for the system to get ready..."

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Hi there. I'm evaluating Emteria.OS for a commercial product.
When trying to install, it appears to get stuck on the screen saying...

"Please wait..."
"Waiting for the system to get ready..."

I've been waiting about 20 min now. Is this normal?

(Raspberry PI 3)


  • @F1LT3R although it can take a couple of minutes, it should not take that long. Does it always behave that way when you power up the device? What version of emteria.OS did you flash?
  • @F1LT3R, yes this is normal if you install CPU or memory intensive packages like OpenGApps. They are known to put the system under a heavy load, making it difficult to interact with the device. If you don't like this screen, you can disable it in emteria settings.

  • @F1LT3R, after discussing your message internally I have to admit I might misunderstand your question. Are you talking about the initial screen during setup wizard or a system optimization screen after the installation is finished?

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