Unable to test with no good options

Downloaded the Linux installer and followed the instructions. Its starts up nicely on my Rpi3, and i get to the part where i need to go online to register, and that is where it all stops as I want to review it and not buy it.

I find no good ways to get beyond this point, setting up a "group" in the empteria webpage where its for testing as a system for my boat(private boat) in order to utilize a 23 inch touch screen.

When one sets up obstacles for people even testing your software, its not a very good sign, as it looks so desperate and so far away from the open source philosophy that is the reason one can make this software.

So for me to be using time to make a FORUM POST in order to TEST the product as a private person, seems ridiculous in 2020.

Why not make it clear and obvious what to do to test in and not waste peoples time on inviting for testing and then make it a cluster fuck ones your up and going?

I came to the point where i am to fill in my email and password and that states No license and there it stops.

Now please, lets spend some time to walk me through the complex procedure to just see this working at no cost, no credit card and no bullshit.


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    @Atle sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience, but I don't understand at which point of the setup wizard you are stuck. Basically, you can just press next a couple of times and get to the home screen, no strings attached. See: https://emteria.com/kb/initial-configuration-setup-wizard

  • It was easy if i did not connect the wifi. then it was next, next next:-)
    Sorry for the rant. I hate to get stuck and do a bad shutdown as i lost SD cards that way before.

    In the very latest version for Rpi3, (ended at .40), i could not change from DHCP to static IP. I need to set it in order to "speak" to my Ubiquiti Bullet M2HP device that requires the "other end" to be in the same subnet as it is and its IP is, so I read I must be on the same address with the client to connect.

    That said, Ethernet might not work for all i know, but if, is it possible to test some other versions to avoid getting the error message that states the change can not be set and might it be that i dont know squat about how to to this correct as what is the gateway,DNS and what not that needs to be filled in?

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