Installer in Raspberry 4


In my installer, I cannot find the option to install on raspberry 4.

Is there any special way for installation?



  • @titgar what version are you using? Currently, there are only nightly builds for RPi4. With 1.1-32 of the installer you have to select the nightly channel to see RPi4 images.

  • Okay, now I can see it. For when a stable version is planned.


  • @titgar I cannot give a due date, but as soon as possible. It's our main priority.

  • yeah I've tested it and its great! One only thing is to reset the device incidently and not work as well but runs.
    Try to improve it and its great
    Nice job guys. Move icon horizontally if is oppurtitity
    Ive tried ver nightly v9.0.1
    Any reason configurate it to play with argon pi casoline with fan cog be amazing and video hardware acceleration it coluld be the best pi android platform os now. Usable

  • Hi,

    every nightly and beta versions to test in raspberry 4 is public?


  • @biodevel yes, the RPi4 images can be downloaded with our Installer.

  • Hello,
    I was asking because I only get 9.0.0 and 9.0.1, and the last one is 10 days old.

  • I hope the issue was resolved by now. Please feel free to comment again if not.

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