WiFi will not stay connected

I'm on a brand new RPI3B+, and I'm getting nowhere fast. The WiFi keeps disconnecting, so downloads keep failing. I keep getting messages to turn off WiFi-only for downloads, but can't find where that setting is. I'm not sure if that would help, though, as the ethernet connection seems just as flaky.
If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.



  • @rheilke Hi, what version of emteria.OS did you install? There are some nightlies which have known wifi issues, but the ethernet connection should be stable on all available versions.

  • Hi. It's showing me v1.3.0. It says it is up to date, but I can't see how it thinks that; all of the TCP/IP settings are wrong. It's like it is completely ignoring what DHCP is telling it. When I look at the IP settings, only the first is clear (DHCP), the rest are ghosted. But, you can still read the underlying the fields, and DNS is wrong, Gateway is the MAC address, and the netmask is (!!)

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