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How to disable Sleep mode ?
30 minutes is not enough.



  • @Rudy What version of emteria.OS?
    There is a "Keep awake" option in emteria settings.

  • Would be nice if a sleep function would not lock the system and would revive if the mouse or ( better) touchscreen would be activated ?
    Does this exist ? Thx for any guidance ( raspberry Pi 3B )

  • @dijkvr the display should be turned off automatically by default after some time of inactivity, but there is no real sleep mode for RPi3

  • @smieschek , thx , ideally , the pi should remain powered after switching off the display , the Rpi3 then goes to a mode after a while where it uses minimal power so it does not drain the car battery with the USB ports connected ( carlinkit / audio usb )
    Then after starting the car including the screen it also activates the pi by E.g. ticking the touchscreen .
    Now only option is to power on/off the Rpi3 , which is claimed to potentially damage the sd card?
    Have not figured out a nice way to shutdown and start with starting/stopping the car and not also depower the Rpi3

  • @dijkvr, sleep mode == low power mode. If you only want to disable/darken the screen without affecting the system activity, you should probably activate a screensaver.

  • @kalkov thx.
    I use it in the car and to avoid battery power drainage, I use a relais to switch on/of the monitor separately . I plan to install a second (timer ) relais to switch off the pi3 with CarPlay dongle en touchscreen USB’s connected say after 30 minutes . Then for a short car stop the system is ready when I start the car . Leaving the pi on rains the car battery and either shutsdown the pi or locks it and I would need to reset the power button anyway .
    Trying to avoid de powering the pi while it is active and possibly damage the SD card ?

  • Hi @dijkvr ,
    I guess there is the possibility of data loss, when you unplug the Pi and maybe a slight chance to damage the SD card, but from personal experience: I'm unplugging/replugging my RPi a couple times a day and haven't had any issues with the SD card, yet. Of course, this is anecdotal. Nevertheless, for your use-case I would argue that a new SD card every couple of years is way less damage than a drained/broken car battery.

  • @smieschek
    Thx for the info , I will make sure I have an actual back-up sd card
    Interested to hear if there are experiences with RPI and or Sd card failures due to many times powering off and on . I will still add the time delay so after a petrol stop the system will still be live 🤗

  • @dijkvr The following site has alternative approaches to delayed RPi safe shutdown after the ignition is turned off using what emteria.OS currently provides.

    Search : shutdown

    Some posts that seem relevant :
    Graceful delayed shutdown with timer and 1 relay - 765GHF
    Safe shutdown using three relays - Grabber, Skrimo

  • @smieschek said:
    @Rudy What version of emteria.OS?
    There is a "Keep awake" option in emteria settings.

    This keep awake function appears after some testing not to prevent the screen to “ switch-off “
    It comes back after ticking the touchscreen, but is still not optimal
    ( Rpi3B )

  • @dijkvr maybe a PowerBlock is something you are looking for: https://github.com/petrockblog/PowerBlock-Emteria

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