Difference between versions 0.7.1 and 1.3.0


I have tested both versions and both use Android 7.1.2
On my Pi 3 B+ it seems the older one boots quicker (37 vs 42 Seconds) I see no other differences but Emteria version and Kernel version.

The installation is used as CarPlay screen in the car. What is the difference between the version and which is better to use?

Thank you for your reply,



  • It also seems the CarPlay dongle connects at higher speed on the older version
  • Hey @StefanB,
    Sorry to hear that your use case is running worse on the newer version. There are quite a lot changes between the version, which you can look up at https://emteria.com/Home/ReleaseNotes
    Maybe you can try a beta or nightly release on a test device to see if the dongle connects at a higher speed.
  • Will try a beta or nightly! thanks for the reply

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