Version 130 and RPI3

Updated to new version 130 for Raspberry Pi3 and now no longer display videos with my IPTV apps. So did a fresh new install and same issue. Audio and sub-title text are ok, just no video. Looks like a video decoder is missing from this version. Did another install with lastest overnight version minutes ago which I think is 7.0.6 and same issues.


  • Hi @Rick_Menard,
    This might be related to an issue we are currently fixing. Nevertheless, can you provide a log to make sure?

  • Also having other issues now that I've been doing several installs using different micro memories. System locks up, non responsive. Would it be possible to get the earlier version OS as everything worked OK?

  • Am gonna install other OS (Ubuntu) to test the Raspberry. I've used Debian and Ubuntu previous to using Emteria. Coincidentialy, I had dropped the Raspberry prior to updating to 130 but it wasn't connected to anything so would not be any electrical damage and was working with the previous of Emteria.

  • Just discovered that I still had two previous older versions. v0.8.1 and v1.0.0. So I did a fresh install of v1.0.0 and videos are working. Looks like bug in v1.3.0, missing video decoder???
    Had also installed competitor Lineage 17.1 and although was extremely slow, the videos were ok.

  • Hi @Rick_Menard, thanks for confirming! As mentioned in my first answer, I think it's related to a bug I'm already working on. I'll let you know when I make any progress.

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