HDMI-CEC support


Are there plans for the Emteria.OS to support HDMI-CEC? It is a good feature for those who plan to use it as a media center.

Anyway, thanks for this great Android build.


  • Yes, it would be great to support it. However, AFAIK, our current kernel 4.9 doesn't provide native support for HDMI-CEC. We don't like the idea of developing all of it from scratch, as Linux 4.13 apparently has built-in support for HDMI-CEC with a bunch of new drivers and improvements in 4.14. So lets hope it will either be backported to 4.9 or we will switch to 4.14 soon.

  • +1 on this requirement. HDMI-CEC is a must for my Business use

  • HDMI-CEC, yes, please!

  • What kernel are we at?

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