How do I enable SSH ?

I got Emteria.OS working on my touch screen RPi3 (was a breeze - GREAT installer). However, I need to rotate the screen as well as run the gapps script, but I cannot SSH to my device. How can I enable SSH to the device ?


  • Which screen are you using? I think for rotating the screen you should modify the config.txt in your boot partition (e.g. by putting the sd card into your PC). The gapps script has to be started on the host machine, not on the pi itself. You will need a Linux distribution for that. As I have mentioned in another thread, we will provide a more convinient way of installing gapps in a couple of weeks. For both tasks, you should be using ADB over Ethernet, instead of SSH ("adb connect ").

    If you do need SSH, you have to config it manually (we are currently setting up an automatic configuration). Let me know, if you really need it right now.

  • Ah right. Many thanks :-) I'm using the Raspberry Pi 3 screen from (supplied by a seller on Amazon with a screen and Pi 3 case)

  • Ok, I successfully edited the config.txt screen, and added lcd_rotate=2 (as per a guide I found on google). However, the display is still flipped 180 degrees, but the touch panel IS rotated. This means that when I tap an area of the screen, the OS does not perform the function / app under where I tapped on the display. Example, on the home screen, I have to tap on the empty area ABOVE the desktop to access the soft keys

  • Oh, I see... Sorry for the bad hint. Another way you can achieve screen rotation is by using a third-party application. For example "Rotation Control". You can either use Google Play or install the APK file directly via ADB: "adb install filename.apk"

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