Cannot enter recovery or any kind of root on Emteria 11.02 with Raspberry Pi 4


I am really on the verge of giving up with this, as basically NOTHING in documentation works in this combo. The following should all work, but it does not:

1) Reboot to recovery mode, as instructed here:

Result: it does not work as advertised. Recovery brings me to the generic text-mode menu (same as on my android phone), with no option to "install", only update via ADB, update from SD card. Second one results in "cannot mount SD card". Selecting "Recovery mode" here brings up dreaded "No command" with a picture of robot. Nothing like the picture on the above link.

2) Root console via SSH as instructed here:
There is no option to enable SSH server in Emteria. None.
Connecting via ADB works, going root works, but adb ultimately fails when trying to retrieve private key.

adb pull /data/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key my_private_key
adb: error: failed to stat remote object '/data/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key': No such file or directory

I just bought a license, no change.



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    Hi @jpers1 ,
    I'm sorry for the bad experience/documentation and I can really feel you. There are a couple of features, which haven't been ported to Android 11 / RPi4, yet. (See )
    Unfortunately, both features that you tried are not there and the documentation only applies to Android 7 / RPi3 for the time being.

    We are constantly working and updating the RPi4 release. SSH should be available in a nightly a week or two from now. As for recovery, we will be using the Android Recovery for now. What are you trying to achieve with the recovery mode?

  • Hi Guys, any update on the SSH for RPi4 update? This is pretty critical to my project too!

  • @jpers1 and @Rec01L We added SSH support in nightly v11.2.21

  • @smieschek said:
    @jpers1 and @Rec01L We added SSH support in nightly v11.2.21


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