Device lost Activation without Changes being made


I am running Emteria 1.3.0 on a Raspberry Pi Model 3B+. This device was activated and worked without problems. Now I started the Raspi after 2 month of doing nothing with it and it stated that it is not activated. When I try to activate it, nothing happens and it says "provided data invalid". The activation via code and account fails. Why?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Kind regards



  • I am having the same issue. I have had 1.3.0 running since 2018 with any issues until today. My license is valid and I have tried activating it via the account and the activation code. None are working at this time
  • I just tried the reactivation and was successful. Looks like the issue is resolved at this time.
  • @gsfx @leneil71 Sorry, our authentication server had a hick-up on Wednesday and activation didn't work. I have no explanation why your devices were shown as not activated, but I'm on it.
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