How to configure audio output and screen orientation, Rpi 4

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Hi, I am new to emteria and raspberry pi. I have my rpi4 plugged into a phillips monitor but the sound does not work. If i plug in headphones into the audio jack of the screen the sound works. I would like to know how to configure it so that the sound can work from the monitor. Ideally it would work from the monitor, or from headphones if they were plugged in. Regarding orientation i set the orientation to 270degrees because my screen is portrait, but whenever emteria starts it starts in landscape. Is there any way I can force it to start in portrait mode? Thank you for your advice.



  • I see there is an option to set the device orientation on the emteria website. So perhaps if I do that and then reflash the OS it will always load at what I set it at? I think I will try that. Still not sure about the monitor sound.

  • hi @telica ,
    What version of emteria.OS did you try? We had some issues with screen orientation in the past, but since v11.5.0 the rotation should automatically persist.
    I have some difficulties following your headphone issue. Are you using the audio jack of the monitor or the audio jack of the RPi4?
    Assuming the later: We have some Raspberry Pi specific configurations under Settings > System > expand Advanced > Raspberry Pi
    There you can change the audio to either be forwarded via HDMI or audio jack.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I am using 11.3.0. How can I upgrade it? Should I reflash onto the same SD card or a new SD card? Can I use the same licence I bought? I don't know how the licence system works.

    I cannot see those audio settings under that area, maybe they are there on the updated OS version only? The audio from the monitor's headphone jack is fine, but the monitor has speakers built in, but I can't figure out how to get the audio to play from the monitor's built in speakers.

    Anyway, please let me know about the best method to update the O/S version (I tried look for updates - but no updates were found).

  • Hello, an update on my situation, I tried upgrading to 11.5 beta. That fixed the screen orientation problem and it remembered the settings. However it also made my game run very laggy and slow. I am now trying to revert back to 11.3 so my game can run normally again. I do not see any way to downgrade versions, so I am reflashing the O/S from the installer program. I hope this will still work with my current licence.

  • Hi @telica
    yes, you can always use the same license for the same device, no matter the emteria.OS version.
    Sorry to hear that your game has worse performance. Did you downgrade and it runs smooth again?

  • Hi, yes I did. With regards to screen orientation in 11.3, I tried 2 screens, both start up with landscape instead of portrait. I go to the emteria settings and change the orientation to 270. This works on one of the screens and it stays like that, but on the other screen it keeps switching back to landscape.

  • @telica when does the other screen switch back to landscape? After a reboot, directly when you exit emteria settings, or if you open a certain app?

  • Have you now been able to get the 3.5mm audio jack to output audio?

  • @X_Shore Have you changed the output in Settings > System > Expand Advanced > Raspberry Pi
    There is the possibility to change the audio output to "3.5mm headphone jack"

  • Yes we have tried this also without any luck, did it work for you?

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