Add support for new device

I am very interested in your solution. However, Android versions are limited to certain devices. We currently use and have already developed our system against, the Khadas VIM3. This device is a very capable RaspberryPi alternative that in some ways are more powerful (ie: It has a 5 TOP NN accelerator which is important to us) along with a PCIe slot. It seems to be gaining in popularity so hopefully you have already heard of it.

This device does already support Android from Khadas and it seems they have instructions on how to get Android and build it from their GitHub.

Given all of this, would it be possible to add support for this new board?

Or, is there any way to use your management solution without using your Android OS? Meaning, could I use the Android version that Khadas offers installed on the device and then install an application on it that can tie into your management system?

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing how we can use your platform with this board.



  • Just wanted to post a comment to bump this question again. It has been 8 days. I just want to know if adding support for this device is possible and what steps/timeline are typically needed to add support for a device? Also, what triggers the work to begin?

    I like your solution so I am waiting and hoping to get a positive response out of this post before I move on to another solution.


  • hi @mbedford_EnSight
    Sorry, I've must have missed your post, thanks for bumping.
    In general it is possible, but we need to talk about the details. I think it's best to schedule a call, I'll follow up via mail.

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