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It turned out that I downloaded the latest version 7.6.0 (also for 2 cards), but I can't load apps that worked on the older version until now. Eg: Fb lite, Total Commander, Google chrome, etc. Has there been any change that prevents it? I can't even load what is on F.droid, Aurora Store. What should I do to get rid of this problem?
Thank you for your help.



  • Hi @obero
    Can you describe your installation process, e.g. for Total Commander? At what step does it fail and do you get any error messages?

  • Thanks, I found the solution.
    Unfortunately, I found an installation problem during which it says: GSF is required. There is almost no rogram in which it is not requested. I guess none of them work because of the lack of this.
    What is it and how to eliminate it? Is there a solution for it?

  • Hey @obero
    The GSF is Google Services Framework this is only included in devices licensed by Google. Most apps want to use GSF but it is not mandatory for them.

  • If I have official google access, can't it be validated here somehow?

  • I am sorry but this is only worthwhile for several 1000 devices.

  • I understood that centrally (EMTERIA) it would only be worth it if there were more than 1000 devices.
    My question is, is it not possible to validate my individual, official Google access on my PC and on my Redmi Note 10 pro phone with some solution?
    A lot of apps that have been used so far. the latest downloaded version v7.6.0 does not work. Do you have any idea what could be causing it?

  • @obero the only way would be installing openGapps or similar

  • Thank you!

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