Waveshare DSI 10.1 Touchscreen Compatibility

I have a Waveshare DSI Touchscreen LCD however when I connect it, the screen doesn't turn on. The screen in question is https://thepihut.com/products/10-1-ips-dsi-capacitive-touch-display-for-raspberry-pi-1280x800

I can confirm the screen works with Raspberry Pi OS after installing the drivers. And separately, Emteria is installed and working fine. I'm unsure how to install the drivers on the Emteria OS to get it working (if that will actually work?)


  • Hi @emteria_pie
    Technically the display should be able to work with emteria.OS, but as you said the drivers are probably missing or just some configuration. There is no automatic driver installation in Android, so you would need to do that manually.

  • Hi,

    I too am looking for this option. Were you able to get it to work. If so, could you, please share the details.

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